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Bird's nest is a common health food that is known to benefit one's health by helping the process of regeneration of cells, strengthening of immune and respiratory system, and improving the performance of internal organs. At 92 Armenian, we boast of using bird's nest as our main ingredient in a variety of food items such as bird's nest egg tarts, cakes, fruit tarts, and more.

燕窝是一种常见的保健食品,通过帮助细胞再生,增强免疫和呼吸系统以及改善内脏器官的表现,使人们的健康受益。 在92打铜仔,我们吹嘘使用燕窝作为我们的主要成分,在各种食品,如燕窝蛋挞,芒果蛋糕,水果馅饼等。

Memorable & Delicious 
Penang is a heritage site with houses that have stood the test of time and 92 Armenian is one place that will take you back into history. Featuring colourful vintage floor tiles, antique cabinets and aged wooden tables. Together with great varieties of food and drinks to bring a great experience for families and friends.
槟城是一个遗产城市,经过时间考验的房屋和92打銅仔是一个将带您回到历史的地方。 拥有色彩缤纷的复古地砖,古董柜和老式木桌。 加上各种美食和饮料,为家人和朋友带来绝佳体验。

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